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Your Money Making
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CLEAR Up Your Message!
UNCORK That Cash Flow!
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  • Uncover your core message that cuts through the noise and reaches your clients where it counts – the heart

  • Express that core message in your authentic voice so you stand out from the crowd and attract your
    unique tribe

  • Get clear on how you want to communicate your products and services on the page and the stage, and across multiple platforms by using our unique
    Money Message
    Matrix System

  • Choose and share your core story and other stories so they’re in alignment with your core message
    and mission

  • Anchor your signature story and additional stories in your message for greater impact
    and income


Most exciting and important of all, you’ll walk away more clear and more confident about who you are and what your business stands for, so you can attract the customers you want and make the money you’ve been dreaming of.

Your Money Making Message In A Weekend will take place
on March 28-29, 2015

Are you ready to step into your full-blown superpower self?

Join me this weekend for a powerful experience that can change your life. Let’s roll up our sleeves together and dive into the deepest, most authentic you – the you who’s been craving to come out for months, years, maybe decades. Let’s lift each other up, so we can step more clearly and more confidently into a new year. The world needs your gifts. If not now, when?

Have you always wanted to step up the impact and influence of your business through writing and speaking from an unshakeable core message, but you didn’t know how? Or maybe you just want two days to focus on uncovering and expressing your money making message? Come take the leap. You can’t do this alone. Let’s make this year the one you claim your worth so the whole world takes notice. It’s your time.


Stop being
skull-crushingly boring!

Storytelling and strong messaging
is critical in business today.

Quit struggling to write in
a safe, bland way.

If you want to succeed,
you’ve got to connect.
It’s time to unleash your voice.



Varian Brandon-172

“…I closed a contract worth almost ten times my investment (of working with Rachel)”

By crafting and delivering a powerful story, with a powerful message, I was able to approach the sales process differently…

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68 sign ups from a breakout session with an audience of 73 is an amazing result!”

The key factor is that I shared 2 personal stories and an inspirational client story. The common thread of the feedback is that the audience resonated with what I shared.

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“…I’ve signed on 18 new private clients. And I’m still counting…”

I used far more personal story in my speech than I ever have before and nearly 100% of the room took me up on my free offer.

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“In less than three months our income quadrupled.”

…she takes it to another level. The difference is her willingness to be vulnerable and encourage the same, as a catalyst for connection, finding our authentic “voice” and monetizing our message…

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“After one coaching call with Rachel, I made back my investment to work with her.”

The thing that MADE THE DIFFERENCE each time was telling MY STORY. I’d never shared personal stories in public before. People showed at both my workshops that they cared and related.

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“I received a standing ovation…”

Giving a TED talk was at the top of my bucket list. But I struggled to pull together everything I wanted to say….

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…Rachel helped me break through, bullshit beliefs…I earned $28,000 since our Intensive Day.…”

…the guidance Rachel gave, and the environment she created, helped me break through my made-up, bullshit beliefs that “I can’t write” and “What the hell do I have to talk about?

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“…a day with Rachel was one of the smartest investments I have made in my business.”

Rachel is gasoline on a campfire. Thanks to her, I confidently stand before 50 women and share the real stuff of life, strategically knitted into my message. The response is overwhelmingly positive, the results immeasurable…

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Joy Chiu-172-v2

“Within the first month of our 1:1 work together, I landed my VERY FIRST paying client EVER — earning my 6-month coaching investment back”

Rachel is brilliant at tapping right into the vein which leads straight to the heart of a story — Your Story. But, her commitment to you and Your Success — once you make a commitment to yourself first — is FIERCE. And, transformational.

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Rachel Resnick

Confession: I wasn’t always comfortable in my own skin. I couldn’t clearly say who I was, let alone claim my message. Or my worth.

How about you?

I felt shame about my background as a Starving Artist with a crazy childhood. I felt shame around my lack of money. I didn’t share my true desire to stand out. There was always someone further along, so why bother? For many years, I felt frustrated. Less than. I used this as an excuse to stay small.

Can you relate?

This directly affected how I came across in my business – on the page, and off. My message wasn’t clear. My writing was muddy. I was confused about who I was, what I stood for – and it showed. Even when it seemed like things were okay — underneath I was always struggling.

Does this feel familiar

Then a business coach invited me to join a high-level mastermind. I told him I wasn’t ready. He said I was. I said I didn’t have the money. He said, Here’s a strategy that’ll work right away. If you take the action. He believed in me, and showed me the hope of a new story.

It all started with my message. With one social media post. And a new business was born. I reached six figures in under a year – for the first time in my life.

Are you tired of playing it safe? Are you sick of being ruled by fear?

Posting my new message for the first time liberated me. It made my writing more clear, increased my confidence, and added a sense of possibility and purpose to my business and life I honestly never felt before.

Let me inspire you. Writing bestselling books and mining memoir taught me the amazing power we have right there within our own experiences. Growing my new business from ground zero to six figures in less than a year taught me that I could rewrite my story – and rewrite my life – if I got clear on my message. I will teach you the secrets I learned. I will share the shortcuts I created. I will show you how to take a stand that will cut through the noise, reach people’s hearts and inspire them to work with you. Not all people. Your people. I will give you simple message-making techniques you can master in two days that will guarantee more lively blogs and talks, more traffic, more connection – more cash.

Here’s what you get when you sign up for
Your Money Making Message In A Weekend:

Core Content Presentations

All webinars will be recorded and available for download for your listening and watching convenience


7 Curriculum Presentations

(Approximately 6 hours of content) In each call I’ll cover one specific area of focus in my 6-Step Money Message Matrix System, PLUS give you that critical Q&A time.

Meeting room

Lessons include:

  • Message 3.0 – Your Message Matrix Overview + Jumpstart

  • Uncovering Your Message

  • Expressing Your Message

  • Connecting Your Message To Your Story

  • Connecting Your Message To Story + Sales

  • Your Money Message Matrix

Webinar Slides & Recordings

Some of you might respond best to images. These days, we are all used to a lot of visuals. If you learn this way, the content slides will be a great companion to the training. Also, if you miss one of the recordings, you can listen to it at your convenience. You might want to re-listen and re-watch too. Whatever inspires you!

Multimedia projector

Over 7 hours of Q&A Time

Because I know you’ll have TONS of questions, I created this program to make space for lots of Q+A and interaction. Remember you’re already getting time for Q+A after each training, after each writing prompt, PLUS two additional Q+A cyber-salons!


6 Writers On Fire On-The-Spot + DIY Writing Prompts

A-Ha! Here’s the golden ticket! You know this is why you’re diving into this course. Why you’re investing and carving out space from your busy schedule. You know you’ve got to have a clear message for your business to grow. You know you’ll gain more confidence once you do, and you’ll get more clients and make more money. You know there’s always an excuse not to do it. Or to keep changing it. This time, you’re on the spot! You’re accountable. I’m here. Your peers are here. Excuses are out the window. Do the writing prompts. They’re designed to shortcircuit your excuses and overthinking. Right after, you jump back on and we tackle your fresh writing + any issues immediately.

Money Message Matrix Map

You get the new map template to help you stay organized with your messaging across multiple platforms.



($247 Value)

Ever notice how when you have more time, you spend more time on tasks? It’s like time expands to fill the space. I realized that many of my clients were either procrastinating on writing their core stories, or they were taking too long to share them with the world. This is because it’s scary to be vulnerable, to put your personal story out there. I get it. That’s why I created the One-Minute Memoir training. It’s quick – and it cuts deep. With just an hour of training, and minutes of writing – I guarantee you will come up with the elements of your core story. Please do this training BEFORE we gather for the course, so you are prepared with your core story – even if it’s rough!



Clients love this! Over time, I’ve learned that creating an inspiring, safe and supportive community speeds up people’s results. People grow faster, they gain confidence, and they get more clear when they test out their message with their peers. I’ve seen people forge strong JV/partnership relationships and also lasting friendships. There’s a powerful energy we create when we form a community. It’s all about connection. You can use this space to share your work-in-progress, to ask questions, to give feedback. You can also simply reach out for help and encouragement! I’ll drop in every so often to give feedback and offer insight, too.

Total Value $997

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If you show up for all the calls and take all the actions steps in the program and are not completely satisfied, I will refund your investment and you can keep everything including the bonuses. I am taking all the risk here because I believe that strongly in the system… and YOUR success!